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Besides the obvious economic benefit of receiving a regular, secure income from the leasing of their land farmers can gain additional benefits through the integration of the plantation onto the farm. Trees can be integrated onto farms to manage the water balance of a property, especially where the groundwater table needs to be lowered. They can also be placed across the path of prevailing winds to protect crops and soil.

Plantations can also improve the stability of farming families and rural communities. Farmers are given the peace of mind that they have a regular income coming in and their time is not consumed by tending to the plantation - WAPRES takes care of almost everything from establishment to management to harvesting. This gives landowners the opportunity to diversify their interests both on and off the farm.

Over the years, WAPRES have established an excellent rapport with many landholders, as we have recognised them as being critically important to the success of our business. Effort is made to ensure that lease payments are accurate and on time and the landholders are kept regularly informed of company and industry activities through newsletters and briefing sessions.

> Landowner gets to retain the freehold title of the land
> Landowner has a major input into the design of the Treefarm
> Trees can be integrated into existing farm plans (eg. shelterbelts, woodlots)
> Treefarming compliments farm planning
> Provides a secure cashflow to a landowner, with attractive rates per hectare
> Treefarming can have positive impacts on the health of the land. 

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